Friday, October 28, 2011

The Cure for Seeing a Scary Movie

Hello all you happy people,

   My wife and I went and saw the movie Paranormal Activity 3 last night.  I am a man that prides myself in being able to go see most any horror film and be able to dream about puppies and rainbows when I go to bed.  But I feel no shame in saying that all three for the Paranormal Activity movies kinda freaked me out (they aren't lying when they say that they are some of the scariest movies you've ever seen).  Seeing the third movie in theaters probably made it even worse.
  After we got home we REALLY needed to find something to do before we went to sleep.  So we decided to disperse our fears like any red, white, and blue loving Americans.... by drowning them with a little bit of C2H5OH(alcohol).  The way I see it is that fear is like a germ, and that alcohol kills it.  However, because of the level of freakiness of this movie, we figured that we may need yet another means to combat the heeby-jeebies.  So we watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory.
   These activities seemed to work for me because I didn't have any trouble falling asleep.  And if I did have any bad dreams they must have been so traumatizing that my subconscious blocked them from my memory.  Can't say the same for my wife though.  Apparently she couldn't sleep for two hours last night because she was too scared.  Poorest ever one.
Well, that's all for know.
Thanks for reading.

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AmyJensen said...

Me and eric saw it in theaters too. got home at midnight and he had to goto the airport and left me in a dark house by myself for and hour! scariest hour of my life. thankfully i had to big dogs to cuddle with.