Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baseball Making Me Nervious

Hello all you happy people,

  OK... so... you all knew that eventually I would have to write some kind of sports post, and now is that time.  Currently I am watching game six of the World Series, and it's STRESSING ME OUT!!!  So to relieve some stress I am going to grace you with my presence and blog about some baseball.
   Being from Chicago (and being a REAL sports fan) I and naturally a Cubs fan.  If you consider this, you can extrapolate that I would not want St. Louis (being that they are one of our biggest rivals) to be victorious.  But as hard as I have tried to root for Texas, I keep finding myself cheering for St. Louis.  WEIRD, RIGHT??? 
  So currently the game is tied 9 - 9 in the bottom of the 11th inning.  I have accepted the fact that I hope St. Louis will win, so lets just see how will win.
St. Louis just won :)
Now maybe I can go to bed.
I'm gonna try to do better with getting blogs up (thinking about 3-4 per week), so thank you for reading and your patience.

TTFN, ta ta for now --- Tigger


Jamie said...

You're welcome! I like the <<>> lol. I think you're a brilliant writer! <3

For Love of Cupcakes

Le Dub said...

Ahhh what a game, what a game. I spent the first 4 innings watching at a sport's bar. Amanda doesn't have cable anymore, so I listened to the last innings on the radio at her place. It was pretty epic. <3 AM radio. I can't believe the Cards won!!?? I was rooting for them so I thought it was awesome, but I did feel a little sad for the Rangers. They probably should have taken care of that.